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James City Scenes

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Excerpts from When Sleeping Dogs Lie:


The Marshes
    "The big man stumbled down the embankment to the James River.  He pitched several times as his feet became entangled in the tall marsh grass.  His balance was further impeded as he grasped the handle of a heavy metal tool box..."



The James River
    "..for centuries anguished cries have resonated along the harsh shore of the James River as Native Americans, settlers, patriots, and colonials mourned the death of their loved ones.  And tonight lamentations for Noah Murray floated down from Berryhill Plantation Mansion and mingled with their ancient dirges in the thick air above the James River."



Duke of Gloucester Street
    "...Noah liked to visit Colonial Williamsburg.  All the interpreters knew him and were never too busy to spend time with him.  Thomas Jefferson was his favorite." 



The Maine

    "...Matt turned off John Tyler Highway and onto John Rolfe Lane.  When he reached The Maine, he turned left and headed towards his old home place facing the James River.  He looked forward to relaxing this evening with..."