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                      THE HESSIAN LINK

Henrietta Ford's Cold, Cold Case


ISBN 1-60474-058-2    (picture from: http://www.google.com/search?q=hessiansoldier?publicdomain


While researching the Ford family on the Eastern Shore of Maryland I discovered a copy of a journal written by a family member.  In the journal was an account of an event that happened in 1777 while my anchestor grandfather was away fighting with the Patriots.  My anchestor grandmother was alone when Generals Cornwallis, Howe, and a Hessian General Knyphausen came to their home on the way to Philadelphia.  Their mission was to take the city and kidnap the Continental Congress.  In preparation for the long march they rested on John Ford's land.  Generals Cornwallis and Howe camped on the beach with their troops, but General Knyphausen occupied the house.  I could only imagine how frightened my anchestor grandmother must have been during the three-week occupation.  This event inspired my novel, The Hessian Link.  I took this historical event and spun a modern mystery.  Enjoy!!! 



In the snug study of a two hundred forty-year-old manor house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, two Richmond City homicide detectives and a famous genealogist cordially sip after-dinner scotch.  As the fire burns low, the genealogist abruptly turns to his guests and says, "I want you to solve a murder...a murder that occurred over two hundred years ago."

Thus Jere Ford and his partner Ingrid Fairchild are cast into the most bizarre murder investigation they had ever encountered.  Modern techniques would not unravel this mystery.  Only through the use of historical documents, ancient archives, and family lore could they travel back in time to grasp the hardships suffered during the American War for Independence and solve the mystery of the disappearance of the beautiful enigmatic Caroline.