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      There's an assassin on the prowl armed with instructions, a roll of cash and the name of a target. It is discovered that he might seek refuge in the small southern town of Seaboard in rural North Carolina.  The entire North Carolina law enforcement community is suddenly on alert.  Jeff Sands and Buddy Turner, U. S. Marshals working out of the eastern district of North Carolina are dispatched to Seaboard to work undercover.  Their mission... to track down  and apprehend the suspect.  Jeff is equipped for this particular job as he grew up in Seaboard and knows the county and all its many hiding places.
     Jeff arrives to find that his former lover, Sophie Singletary, has recently divorced and is living in Seaboard.  They resume their mercurial relationship and soon Sophie becomes involved in the Marshals' investigation.
      Suddenly life in quiet Seaboard is thrown into turmoil.  The unimaginable occurs.  Bodies begin to turn up, and U.S. Marshals Jeff Sands and Buddy Turner find themselves in the middle of a deadly game masterminded by an international criminal.

"Of all my books, I enjoyed researching and writing The Grave House Guest most.  You see, there is a small, quaint village called Seaboard.  It is in eastern North Carolina, and it is my hometown.  Writng this mystery allowed me a trip back in time to a safer, slower way of life that I fear no longer exists.  This was my village...my people, and in my Seaboard any child was everyone's child.  So sit back and enjoy your trip to my hometown."    Henrietta Ford