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Excerpts from The Grave House Guest

Seaboard High School housed grades one through twelve.

    "Seaboard High School as they once knew it no longer existed.  Now there was just a two story brick shell of a building with broken windows, rotting stairways, and busted padlocks. It was a sad sight to behold."


Seaboard Methodist Church is still active today.

"On Main Street there were two churches at the top of the hill...a Baptist and a Methodist Church....Sophie's house was across the street from the Methodist Church.  It was a large yellow Victorian house complete with gingerbread and a wrap-around porch." 

Seaboard Railroad Station
Seaboard Depot

This building is no longer standing.

"In 1832 a railroad was built to connect Portsmouth, Virginia and Weldon, North Carolina...So hoping to capitalize on the new technology, the name of the town was changed from Concord to Seaboard."
Grave Houses
Grave Houses in Northampton

Grave Houses, a remnant of our past, can still be found in many parts of the country.

"Grave Houses were little houses built over an 'in earth' grave.  They were constructed of stone, brick, or wood.  However, the remains of wooden ones are often difficult to find today due to years of exposure and neglect...Different styles and decorations were used.  There were windows, fences...Most houses were constructed so visitors could go right in and sit beside the tombstone..."