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Angels in the Snow
 Angels in the Snow is a novel of mystery and suspense set in the  picturesque town of Winchester, Tennessee.  When the body of  beautiful Autumn Hayes is found half-buried in a snowdrift on her  lawn, Sheriff Benjamin Day sets out to determine the perpetrator of  first murder case in Franklin County.  Aided by close friends Matt  and Ignatius, Ben unwittingly uncovers a neighborhood full of  secrets, deception, and betrayal . . . and a shocking discovery of  the truth about Autumn Hayes.


 It is not unusual for an author to have special favor for her first novel.  I too have affectionate regard for my first mystery.  At booksignings readers often asked about my first novel, Angels in the Snow, published in 1999, and I was forced to tell them that it was no longer in print.  However, their interest persisted and this prompted me to publish a second edition . . . and here it is.  So on the next snowy winter day grab a copy of Angels in the Snow, settle down in front of a crackling fire with a hot cup of tea, and get ready for a real page-turner.  Henrietta Ford