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Galatia Road

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Another Southern Mystery by Henrietta Ford

  ISBN 1-4137-2076-5

   The mutilated body of a beautiful young woman is found in an abandoned tobacco barn on Galatia Road in the small town of Seaboard, North Carolina.  The victim is identified as Nicey Parsons, investigative reporter for a Philadelphia tabloid paper.  Dillon, Seaboard's only policeman, requests assistance from the U. S. Marshal Service in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Marshals Jeff Sands and Buddy Turner are dispatched to assist in the case.  As their inquiry proceeds, shocking events from the past surface, leaving the citizens of Seaboard stunned and causing abrupt changes in the investigation of the murder on Galatia Road.

Again I use a familiar setting for this fast-paced mystery.  I have chosen a place I know so hometown, Seaboard.  Although the events in this story in no way reflect my life in this quiet village, I was simply not yet ready to chose another setting.