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ISBN 978151255440


    In Secret Messages  I have departed from my usual genre, Southern Mysteries. This novella is a work of historical fiction and is the tale of two railroads.  The first railroad is the Weldon Railroad that moved ammunition and supplies from Wilmington, North Carolina to the Confederate lines in northern Virginia. The second railroad was comprised of conductors.  Conductors were people...men, women, black, and white...who led escaped slaves over treacherous trails to parts of the country that did not sanction slavery.

    Research for this novella was especially exciting for I learned much about the history of my hometown, Seaboard, North Carolina.  Enjoy!!!


     In 1824 Dr. Charles Singletary moved his young family from their lavish home in Richmond, Virginia to the impoverished town of Seaboard, North Carolina.  His intent was to provide care for Seaboard's unfortunate citizens who had received little medical attention.  From the beginning his practice was a success.  For years he felt fulfilled, appreciated and successful.

    Then suddenly rumblings of war from the north moved ever closer to Seaboard.  Abruptly this peaceful community changed.  Life became harsh and death cruel. While Dr. Singletary struggled to fulfill the demands of his patients and family he found himself faced with a moral dilemma.